Looking Ahead

The Trust will soon be 25 years old, and we have recently conducted a fundamental review of our work and where we are heading.

We've asked ourselves how well our methods, our management systems and our training processes enable us to meet the goals of our organisation, and deliver the best possible environment for our students and staff as efficiently as we can.

Without being at all complacent, we're confident that we're delivering a high quality service, and this is borne out by expert outsiders who come to visit us.  However, we want to look at better ways of monitoring and validating our quality and performance, without introducing any kind of 'box-ticking'.

Appropriate external training for our staff, and learning from our shared experience and expertise, are both vital to our success.  Recognising that we have a great deal of expertise within the organisation, we aim to combine these two resources as effectively as we can.

We have reviewed the role of our Board of Trustees (many of whom have valuable expertise to contribute in a variety of areas), to make sure that our management team is getting the optimum level of support and involvement from the Trust.

We shall continue, and in some areas expand, our involvement with our local community.  Our students’ rewarding interaction with people, places and organisations in the area is vital to our person-centred approach.  It also helps us to build our pool of volunteers, upon whose generous and caring involvement we entirely depend.

As a major capital project, we are planning to implement a complete upgrade of our IT systems to support our way of working, including ways to share and communicate easily between our two sites, at Greenhills in Barham and at the Elham Valley Vineyard.

Lastly we will build up stronger links with similar organisations to the Fifth Trust, sharing our experience and resources where appropriate, both in our search for quality and to explore opportunities for reducing costs through shared services.


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