New Development

We are cuurently looking to redevelop the Work Centre on the Greenhills site. This page shows are plans and progress for the project.

Due to the existing buildings approaching the end of thier natural life and the resulting high maintenance costs we are planning to redevelop the Greenhills Work Centre site. Our existing buildings are dated and due to the growth of the centre no longer fit for purpose. 

The project deems to modernise and increase the facilities available on site. This involves specifically designed toilet rooms which will improve our students personal care management and provide greater independence for some. A dedicated communal area for breaks and lunch times with a suitably sized kitchen. Improved access across the site for all. A landscaped enviroment which will provide a sensory experience for our students.

Each of the options we offer students at the Greenhills site will have a purpose built room offering more space and designed with the different requiements, demands and equipment that each subject we offer hold.

Below is a link to a pdf document  which details our plans for the development of our Greenhills site. Please download the document for a comprehensive explanation of our plans and proposals.

greenhills redevelopment plans
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