Our History



In the 1980s, a group of concerned people came together to share ideas and create a vision.  They all had learning-disabled adult children, for whom they wanted the best possible life.  A fulfilling, adult way of life, with appropriate opportunities for personal development, a choice of productive and fulfilling occupations, a secure home with supportive relationships, and strong links to the local community.

The first step was to purchase a number of substantial family properties in the South East, which were accessible to public services and local amenities. The Fifth Trust was formed in 1990 to raise the finance for, and then to create and manage, appropriate facilities to meet the needs of the homes’ residents.  Today the Fifth Trust Centre provides education, vocational training, work-related opportunities and recreational pursuits at our two sites in the Elham Valley, not just for well over 50 residents of these residential homes, but also for more than 50 external students from the local area.

The Fifth Trust continues to provide services to residents of four of the original homes with which we have an association, but is financially and legally separate from them.  To find out more about the homes or to enquire about residential vacancies, please visit their web site by clicking here or on the blue tab to the right of this page.


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