About Our Services

The Fifth Trust Centre’s services are offered through two fully-equipped sites, at Greenhills in Barham and at the Elham Valley Vineyard.


The Trust's facilities are open Monday to Friday. We provide:

•       A safe and stimulating environment in which students and staff work together confidently.

•       Tailored timetables based on individual interests and personal development.

•       Support to students through a person-centred approach.

•       Practical work experience with employment progression encouraged.

•       Workplaces, social facilities and gardens located in quiet rural settings.

•       Many options provided by experienced staff.

The range of services we provide changes from time to time and the options available are regularly reviewed and expanded.  We have created three design labels to describe the work we do.  

GROWN    includes all of our horticulture activities for students

CREATE     covers Art, Craft and Design, including pottery and woodwork in our specially designed workshops

BAKED      is the label for all the products cooked by our students, which may be sold in the Café or at other events we attend or organise, and for the public catering activities available to our students in the Café.

For details of our current services and activities, follow the links in the What We Provide tab above.


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