Music provides a strong therapeutic and sensory experience. Emphasis is placed on enjoyment as students experience new musical challenges.

Music Classes at the Fifth Trust
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Currently, we provide students with two musical options.

Music and dance sessions at the Vineyard

Enjoying music together is fun!

In our well-equipped music facility at the Vineyard, students can join music sessions where they sing with the guitar and play music instruments. Students can sing pop but also traditional songs. We have all kinds of percussion instruments as well as a drum kit. We also listen to music on CD which students can bring, including pop, classic, opera and music from all over the world.

Dancing to music together is a highlight of the session. Students turn the room into a disco with a glitter ball, flashing lights and turn the music up loud!

After the dancing, students can relax by listening to soft sensory music. Some lie down on a mattress while listening.

Music sessions at Greenhills

On the third Thursday of each month, the Fifth Trust Centre’s Greenhills site is visited by an external music instructor. The sessions are open to all who attend the Centre. These sessions are less formal in approach. They are very ‘hands on’ involving dancing, mime, playing basic or improvised instruments, discussion and quizzes. The students have the opportunity to join in with all types of music from pop and opera, to music from films and stage shows.


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