We run photography sessions two days a week. The students have the opportunity to develop skills in photography both on and off camera. Images taken by the students are used on the Centres promotional media such as the website.



In the photography sessions students have the oppertunity to learn all aspects of photography. Instruction in the use of cameras from compact through to DSLR is given on an individual basis. 

On the days we work indoors we will cover the theory of photography looking at the use of light and its effects on our images, photographic composition, camera settings from the basic to advanced, using artificial lights and diffent types of photography. One day a week we are fortunate to have the use of a room in which we are setting up a small studio. This includes a light table and light box.

We use a number of online resources as well as the more traditional, and students have the opportunity to practise new skills later in the session.

On fine days we may go for a walk in the local area to practise our landscape and nature photography. We are lucky to be situated in a beautiful part of the Kent countryside which offers countless photographic opportunities. Ours walks may be as far as 6 miles depending on the ability of the students in each group. We may also travel further afield to broaden the students experience.

The group has started to work alongside other sessions to promote the work they do and support projects which they may undertake.

We are also fortunate to have members of the Canterbury Photographic Society volunteer in some of the sessions providing students with greater time for 1-1 instruction. 

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