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junior bake off contestant visits The Fifth Trust.

February 24, 2017

Junior Bake Off at the Vineyard


We had a wonderful visit from Yasmin Gladstone who was a contestant on Series 4 of Junior Bake off. Yasmin had made a superb chocolate lady bird cake on the Bake Off and wanted to show us in Cook Club how we could also make one. Yasmin showed Cook Club pictures of her cake making and left us a DVD to watch of her appearance on the TV. Yasmin thought that it would be a good idea to make individual cakes so everyone would get to decorate their own cake to eat. Yasmin agreed to come and show us on the 16th February how to make our own.

On the day Yasmin came with her extra ingredients and cake painting equipment. Yasmin was staying all day with us so she could teach the morning and afternoon groups in Cook Club. First of all, Tobias, Gillian and Sam helped mixing the dry ingredients together and then the wet. Yasmin told us what she used and what we needed to do to help, she also gave us some handy tips. Did you know that adding coffee powder to your chocolate cake mixture improves the chocolate taste? We also used an ice-cream scoop to measure out the mixture into the cupcakes which meant same size cakes and less mess!

When the cakes were baking we made buttercream this was going to help hold our cake decoration in place. To make our ladybirds we had a golf ball size piece of fondant icing which we rolled out to the thickness of a pound coin. Yasmin used her cookie cutter as it was the perfect size for the cupcakes. Then we got to paint on our ladybirds. Yasmin showed us the best way    was to paint our ladybirds using the red and black. However, Brett, Rachel, Louise (birthday girl!), Nancy and Jenny all used their own artistic ideas and created Ladybird’s of their own style.

Once the cakes were finished we made sure that Cook Club was clean and tidy, this was just in time for tea break where we could sit with a lovely cuppa and enjoy all our hard work.

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