Nikki Marley
Chief Executive Officer

During her 30 years’ career in the care sector, Nikki has worked with adults with learning difficulties, mental health issues, brain injuries and sensory impairment, in residential, community support and supported living settings.

Nikki joined the Fifth Trust as General Manager in July 2007. She has taken the lead in shaping our person-centred approach to care management, with its emphasis on supporting each individual student to strengthen their life skills, build confidence and independence, and expand their self-determination. Nikki and her team are recognised as one of the UK’s leading practical exponents of this approach, which is at the core of UK national and local government social care policy.

Nikki holds an NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Management and the Preliminary Certificate in Social Care.

Mike Theoff
Operations and Care Manager

Prior to joining us, Mike worked in day care provision for children and adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds and in a residential unit catering for young people.

He has been associated with the Fifth Trust community for almost 20 years. Initially, he worked at Bridge House, one of our affiliated residential homes. He came to work for us as an instructor and was subsequently promoted to Deputy Manager. He took on the role of Operations and Care Manager in 2007.

Mike has qualifications in health and social care and team leading.

Elizabeth Hunt
Café Manager

Elizabeth Hunt began working at the Fifth Trust as a volunteer in 2010. She has a background in cookery and baking including cookery demonstrations with Aga ovens. Elizabeth became a member of staff in 2011 and helped to set up a Cook Club for the students, realising the benefits that cooking brought to them. She oversaw a successful redesign and renovation of the Cook Club’s canteen in 2013. The Cook Club now supports and works alongside the café making all the jams and chutneys sold.

Elizabeth moved to working in the café in 2015 and became its manager in 2017. She has overseen the selling of the Vineyard’s highly sought after sparkling wine and increased the involvement of students in every aspect of the café’s running, from preparing and cooking food to serving customers and working at external events to promote the charity.

Elizabeth recently oversaw the redesign and renovation of the Vineyard Café. The kitchen was rebuilt and re-equipped to create a safer and more practical environment. The dining area and facilities were also refurbished to ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for our customers. Elizabeth is looking forward to utilising this refurbished venue for special events, weddings and wine tastings.