Charity Film Awards voting starts today.

Today is the first day of voting at the Charity Film Awards. The Fifth Trust have entered 5 recently produced short infromation films about our Centres. The films are short, bright and colourful, as they are mainly aimed at adults with learning difficulries who may be interested in attending the Trust.
We would greatly appreciate your support in helping us raise awareness of the Trust and its work by voting for our videos. Help us to spread the word as far as possible by telling your friends and family. We are up against some very well known charities, so we could do with all the help we can get.
Also, please take the time to view videos from other charities, all of which are doing great work for those who need them. Some you will know and others will be new to you, but all are in good causes.
To be able to vote you are required to fill in a short two field registration.
Our films can be found on the Charity Film Awards site at on the links
Thank you for your support.