Fifth Trust Videos Released

We are proud to announce the release of a series of videos about the Fifth Trust, which focus on our student experience and personal development plus our fund raising appeal to improve the facilities at our Greenbanks site. (The videos were produced by Olivia Bolton and are narrated by our Patron, Pam Ferris.)

The short videos are all accessible in our website and on YouTube. Follow this link

If you wish to know more about the Fifth Trust watch How the Fifth Trust Works at

To find out more about the Greenbanks redevelopment, please watch

Our student videos provide an understanding of the impact the Centre has in helping our helps students develop their skills but also build confidence and friendships.

Meet Brett and Ian

Meet Patrick   


Meet Madeleine

When you arrive at the page, scroll down to the video and press play. All the videos can be viewed in full screen.

We hope you enjoy them!