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At The Fifth Trust, we are passionate about collaborating with businesses that share our values, and want to contribute to our mission to help adults with learning disabilities live a safe and fulfilling life. From fundraising to volunteering days, there are plenty of ways you can get involved and help make a meaningful impact in the local community.

Partnering with The Fifth Trust offers numerous benefits for your company

Why support us?

Partnering with The Fifth Trust offers numerous benefits for your company, including:

  • Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Working with us demonstrates your company's dedication to making a positive impact beyond its business operations.
  • Skill development: Volunteer days bring teams together for a good cause where they can learn a range of new skills. They also allow employees the chance to bond, enhancing teamwork and communications skills, which can be brought back into workplace.
  • Brand boosting: Working with the Kent Disability Charity of the Year will elevate your organisation's brand, positively influencing staff recruitment and retention.
  • Employee health and wellbeing: Participation in meaningful activities out of the office positively impacts mental health, reducing stress and improving overall wellbeing. Working in the vineyard also offers a host of physical health benefits from activities like vine pruning in the fresh air – a nice change from sitting in the office.
  • Marketing opportunities: Display your marketing materials at our popular seasonal events, get featured on our website and social media pages, and reach the right people with the opportunity to include promotions and your logo in our widely distributed newsletter.
  • You’ll be making a real difference: Everything you choose to do – from sponsoring our events to volunteering with us – will make a significant impact here at The Fifth Trust.

How can you help?

Corporate volunteering

Get out of the office and into the vineyard! We always appreciate a helping hand at The Fifth Trust. From vineyard tidying to log sorting, experience a unique day in a beautiful setting, benefiting both your team and our charity.

You can download our useful brochure here, or click the button below to learn more.

“We had a lot of fun together getting our hands dirty in the vineyard. A million miles away and a refreshing change from sitting in front of a computer all day.”
Ian Messenger, HR Director UK & Company Manager UK, Givaudan UK Ltd

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Get out of the office and into the vineyard!
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Charity of the Year

Make us your Charity of the Year! We will be on hand to provide support, motivation, and ideas to help your company in a fantastic partnership.


Fundraise for us

Take on inspiring challenges in aid of The Fifth Trust, increasing awareness of your brand and our charity. We will offer you marketing support and give you materials to make fundraising as easy as possible.


Sponsor our events

We run a range of events throughout the calendar year which reach thousands of people. Consider sponsoring one of our popular events and in return we will publicly acknowledge you in all relevant marketing materials, offer you space to advertise at the event, and thank you in our communications.


In-kind donations

Make a big difference and showcase your products and services. It’s not just financial contribution which can help, gifts in-kind save our limited resources and time. We will always give you a public acknowledgement to say thanks!

Let your company be community leaders by supporting The Fifth Trust today. When you join forces with us, you will actively transform the lives of over 170 adults with learning disabilities.

Please get in touch with our Fundraising Manager, Mick James, at [email protected] to discuss next steps.