Fifth Trust News


Thirst for adventure

15 April 2021

The Fifth Trust is trialling a new session that offers students a totally fresh experience, teaching bushcraft skills such as campfire- and shelter-building in nearby woodland.

Led by a Forest School-trained instructor and rigorously risk-assessed, the session demonstrates what the great outdoors has to offer and encourages participants to try out ancient arts including whittling. We have sourced specialist equipment which enables students to safely join in physical activities like log-splitting.

In the first ever session this week, a small group of students threw themselves into the action with enthusiasm. “I have never known the guys focus as well and as long as they did today,” said instructor Matt Whitehouse, who will use the various activities to demonstrate to students how to work as a team, building up their confidence and developing communication skills.

We are hugely grateful to Alan Akehurst of Clipgate Farm for the free use of his woodland for this session.

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