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Captain Tom 100 challenge success!

12 May 2021

Our students and staff were busy over the May Day bank holiday weekend taking part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge – raising a fantastic total of £1,000!

Marking what would have been Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 101st birthday, this special event was the gift of his family to charities all over the country. Following the outpouring of heartfelt messages after Captain Tom’s death in February, they pledged to ensure his legacy endured through an event that everyone could take part in and that would benefit organisations impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic through the cancellation of fundraising events and drop in income. Participants had to come up with a challenge around the number 100, following the example of Captain Tom who set out to walk 100 laps of his garden to support the NHS and ended up a global superstar!

Some of the challenges we at The Fifth Trust tackled included: baking 100 biscuits, completing a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle, cycling 100 miles, printing 100 Captain Tom cards, walking 100 laps of the Vineyard, potting up 100 plants and making 100 ceramic keyrings.

The Fifth Trust CEO Nikki Marley said: “Our grateful thanks go to the families and customers who supported us through sponsorship and by buying the items students made in the Vineyard café and garden centre. Thanks to them, we made an amazing £1,000 which will go towards providing our students with the best possible experience at our two skills centres.”

One-off events like Captain Tom 100 are great fun and clearly successful, but fundraising is something we continually need to do to deliver the level of service we aspire to. If you wish to support us through regular giving, or your own fundraising event, please visit our donations page to find out more.