Fifth Trust News


Bake Off staff challenge

15 July 2021

Our young café crew love baking just as much as our students! Raza, Emily A, Emily B and Max have decided to do their own after-hours Bake Off – with the results going on sale if they are judged delicious enough.

Their first test was set by café supervisor Jen Burnside – baking a triple layer chocolate cake with buttercream and ganache. Regular customers may have noticed only one amazing creation made it to the cake display….!

Undaunted, both teams tackled the technical challenge of making a bakewell tart with the barest of instructions.  A better idea of cooking time and a slightly lighter hand with the jam saw Raza and Emily B win this round – but both tarts got to be enjoyed by customers.

Going into the final – the showstopper – the two teams are at one-all. You will be able to see how they get on with their 1.5ft dessert tower creations next week!

*Even when our staff aren’t going head to head to test their skills, you will always find a great range of cakes, scones and tarts on sale at the café. See our afternoon tea menu.