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Disco celebrates online service

27 August 2021

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, The Fifth Trust Online ensured our students could still access their favourite activity sessions and chat with their friends via video.

Today marked the end of that chapter with the last regular online session broadcast on Zoom. Students danced the afternoon away at music instructor Dom Wood’s celebration disco.

With students now returned to our skills centres there is no longer a need for the digital service, which one parent described as “an absolute godsend” while students were unable to attend for months in 2020 and earlier this year.

But such was its success The Fifth Trust is now actively seeking funding for a permanent online social and learning platform to offer as a complementary service.

The Fifth Trust CEO Nikki Marley said: “We want to be able to open up all we offer to learning disabled people who find it too hard physically or emotionally to join our community in person, and to those who live outside our catchment area.

“Developing The Fifth Trust Online will also mean that should we face lockdowns in the future, we will be able to instantly transfer services online, ensuring we can seamlessly continue to support students and their families.”

For now, students will continue to show off their dancefloor moves in a special monthly video disco.

*We continually seek funding from grant-making bodies, companies and generous groups and individuals to develop the services we offer. To find out how you can support us, please click here.