Fifth Trust News


Blooming boots

11 June 2024

The Fifth Trust is excited to announce that our work will be displayed at the Windmill Community Gardens as part of their Adapt Portfolio exhibition with Turner Contemporary.

Each year, Turner Contemporary runs the Portfolio exhibition to give young people a platform to share their art and ideas. They collaborate with various partners to set a theme and select the work to be shown. This year, they are working with Windmill Community Gardens on the theme of ADAPT, encouraging aspiring artists to explore their surroundings, sustainability, and innovative ways to create art.

At The Fifth Trust, we planted our creative seeds and got to work.

Emrys, a student at The Fifth Trust, responded to the brief by creating a living sculpture – an ecosystem in a pair of wellingtons, aiming to make sustainable gardening accessible to all.

With the assistance of staff members Lorna Doyle, Tom German, and Doug Friend, Emrys potted up and illustrated his living sculpture inspired by the beautiful surroundings of The Fifth Trust.

The wellies have been selected for display at Windmill Community Gardens.

“We are really pleased that Emrys’ wellies were chosen to be showcased at the Windmill Community Gardens,” said communications manager Kallum McGuire Lewis. “We hope the artwork conveys our shared message that people and nature can work harmoniously together by utilising available resources, sharing, and reusing materials.”

You can learn more about The Fifth Trust’s sessions here.