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Upcycling with Eurotunnel

14 June 2024

The Fifth Trust has recently undertaken an exciting project in partnership with Eurotunnel for World Environment Day.

Students of The Fifth Trust and their craft instructor Lorna Doyle were tasked with upcycling used uniform and PPE donated from Eurotunnel, giving it a brand-new lease of life.

To start, our students with learning disabilities, drew pictures inspired by LeShuttle trains and the local nature. The designs were then transformed into tote bags, mobile phone carriers, lanyards and other useful items made from some donated workwear.

The repurposed items which are made from 100% recycled materials, will be reused by Eurotunnel employees within the workplace or at their leisure.

Eurotunnel is actively looking at ways to reduce its impact on the planet, and upcycling their used uniform is a fantastic way to divert potential waste away from landfill.

Craft instructor Lorna: “It was a joy to work on this collaborative project with Eurotunnel. My students enjoyed upcycling the donated goods, and it is a pleasure to work on a project which fosters and promotes sustainability.”

Helen Wathen, Environmental Officer, Eurotunnel: "We are always looking for new and creative ways within our local community to further our sustainability efforts and minimise our carbon footprint. The upcycling project with The Fifth Trust has been a great success, we are overjoyed with the results”

You can learn more about the ways Eurotunnel is tackling environmental challenges here.

You can read The Fifth Trust’s sustainability statement here.