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English wine week: Grape expectations

19 June 2024

Our English Wine Week celebrations are in full swing! The Fifth Trust is thrilled to announce the planting of nearly 600 new Solaris vines at our Elham Valley Vineyard.

The Solaris grape, a hybrid variety first developed in 1975, boasts a remarkable resilience to the fungal diseases that often plague vines, particularly in the northern hemisphere. Much like the Seyval Blanc, Solaris is hardy and well-suited to withstand frosts—crucial for our vineyard, which sits in a frost pocket.

In cooler climates, Solaris produces lower sugar content, making it ideal for crafting dry white wine. We eagerly anticipate our first harvest in 3-4 years.

Are you interested in learning more about our vineyard? Why not join one of our wine tours! We have three dates remaining for 2024: an over 55s tour in partnership with AgeUK SKC on Friday 12 July, and two luxury tours on Friday 9 August and Friday 6 September.

Book your tour today and discover the charm of our vineyard and the promising future of our new Solaris vines.