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Our Cook Club provides students with the opportunity to learn and develop a range of catering skills.

The objective is to help students become more independent in a home environment. Each week students prepare a meal. They learn basic cooking skills, including hygiene, measurements, simple baking, salad preparation etc with able students progressing to more complex cooking. The sessions are designed to be fun and students take delight in preparing and cooking their own lunch or taking home cakes they have made.

The Cook Club acts as a pathway to working in our café and also makes the jams, preserves and chutneys we sell under the Elham Valley Vineyard label there and in other local outlets.

Students work in a fully-functioning catering establishment, both in the kitchen and front-of-house. All activities are undertaken with the supervision of experienced catering instructors and in line with food hygiene legislation.

Interaction with customers in the café helps to develop interpersonal skills and confidence. Some students are able to work the cash till, which enhances their money skills.

Jams and pickles available at The Vineyard Cafe
I like Cook Club. I like making biscuits


I like Cook Club. I like making biscuits.

Stella R