Our Services


The Fifth Trust’s day care services are offered at two sites in Barham, Kent – the Elham Valley Vineyard and our skills centre, both located in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

These facilities are open Monday to Friday. We provide:

  • A safe and stimulating environment in which students and staff work together confidently.
  • Tailored timetables based on individual interests and personal development.
  • Support to students through a person-centred approach.
  • Practical work experience with employment progression encouraged.
  • Workplaces, social facilities and gardens located in quiet rural settings.
  • A broad range of options provided by experienced staff, which are regularly reviewed and expanded.

For us, a person-centred approach means shaping our organisation and the way we work around each individual. We focus on helping our students to strengthen their life skills, building their confidence and independence so they can make their own choices, large or small.

This approach applies equally to our staff, and we encourage them to develop their own skills and experience.

Art and Design Activities at The Fifth Trust